Traveling in india is incomplete without visiting the Glorious Taj mahal. All the people in the world has a desire that they should visit Taj mahal once in their life and yet it is a dream come true feeling for all the travelers for visiting the taj mahal. It is now has achieved tremendous flow tourist in a decade because of its serene beauty which amaze all the tourist. A taj mahal tour can full fill all your desire of traveling and seeing the amazing beauty of the world.

It is a epitome of love cast in white marble of macrana, situated near the bank of the river yamuna spread almost in acres of area having lush green lawns, fountains and of course the white marble and Semi precious stones. You will find delicate and intricate inlay work which makes taj mahal  more beautiful. Great mughal emperor Shah Jahan Created this building in loving memory of his wife Mumtaj mahal in 1653. Now the world witness the love between them. 20 thousands workers spent their life for making it and now their decendents are living near to taj mahal and making small marble products which a traveler can take it to their home as a memory of taj mahal in their heart.

Many visitors loves visiting taj mahal but wonders before booking or visiting they search for terms like taj mahal tour, taj mahal tour packages, india taj mahal tour, agra taj mahal tour for query purpose but abundance of information available on internet mis guide them therefore the The Edshil tours has made a specialised company for those who looks after only taj mahal tours and its related tours. Below you will find some the amazing taj mahal  packages  which you exactly wants to enjoy  in india.

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