The golden triangle tour is gold for all travel agents because this is one of the most selling tours in india. Golden triangle words comes from with a formation of triangle on india’s map of three cities that is Delhi, Jaipur and agra. These three cities has amazing places to see and most of the tourist from overseas just comes to see the famous monuments of india like Taj mahal, Qutub minar and many more. The golden triangle tour package offers great variety of comfort and luxury because all the cities are highly equipped with modern facilities, the roads are more comfortable, the flight route is very much connected and because of these the Travel agents offers great variety of India Goldent triangle travel package of various days.

Delhi is the first city from which the tour starts depending on the number of days the nights are offered in delhi and the sightseeing. Delhi city is more noisy because of the excessive crowd and traffic but still the city has many things to explore like, qutub minar, lotus temple, red fort etc.

Agra is the second destination where taj mahal is located and this is the core destination of this tour. People around the world comes to india just to see taj mahal and it is worth visiting. The next destination is Jaipur which is cultural gem of indian culture. These three cities makes the most valuable tour in india. Apart from this the tour also get customized with other cities like Ranthambore, Goa, Udaipur etc.

Below you will find the most excellent tours of Golden triangle tour

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