Taj mahal Re opens on 16th of June 2021 After pandemic

taj mahal re open

Wait is over now Taj mahal is open for tourist after pandemic

The tourist who were willing to visit Taj mahal can visit Taj mahal after 16th of june 2021. The Government of India or ASI ( archeological survey of india ) has announced that all the centrally protected monument will be open after 16th of june 2021. After seeing the increase in the Corono virus cases the government had closed all the centrally protected monument. But Now the cases are few in Agra that is why the ASI has made up their mind to open the taj mahal for visitors.  

Limitations on Tourist Number

The city and country is still not corona  free that why certain protocol steel need to be taken. One of the important protocol is to limit the number of tourist. So now The government has not disclosed what will be the number of tourist will be allowed in taj mahal but soon it will be declared. So before going to visit taj mahal please cross check timings and limitations of tourist.

Domestic Tourisim In agra may increase

with the step of opening Taj mahal after pandemic has brought smiles on the faces of taxi drivers, vendors and many travel agents have now started again. After a closure of 2 months hopes where shattered and people were seeking different work to do. Even many guides and taxi driver and Travel agents has switched to different industry. The tourism market is very uncertain but This pandemic has shattered all the hopes of the people who were directly or Indirectly connected to this industry. 

After opening of Taj mahal has brought breath to this industry who were on ventilator for past 2 months. Now promoting domestic tourism is a great demand of the Government because Taj mahal brings bread to lot of people. So opening Taj mahal again is a great step for Re establishing Tourism Industry 

Covid Protocol Need to Follow

In order to control the spread of coronavirus The Government has made strict guideline to follow the Corona Protocol like Social Distancing, Thermal Scanning, Wearing mask. These are important Thing to follow for visiting taj mahal. May the the Officials of agra may impose restrictions on number of tourist.  

Buy Ticket Online Only

If you are willing to visit Taj mahal then you should buy the ticket online. For purchasing the ticket we have written a blog which has the details about how to purchase the taj mahal ticket. Click on this link https://tajmahaltourz.com/buy-taj-mahal-ticket-online . to get the taj mahal ticket online. 

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