How to reach Taj mahal

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Planning a visit to taj mahal is no more a big deal in the era of digital world. Millions of information you can get on single topic by just pressing the keyword and Enter key. Thousands of results appears on the search result. One of the most keyword is searchable on internet in the industry of travel in india is How to Reach Taj mahal , Best ways to reach taj mahal, how to get to taj mahal, how to visit taj mahal, in this article we have covered all the points to reach taj mahal like by air, land and railways from different cities of india. So if you are in any city or any part of the world and planning to visit taj mahal then this article will help you

How to reach taj mahal from Delhi

The tourist who are willing to come to visit taj mahal outside from india then they can choose DELHI IGI AIRPORT option for visiting taj mahal. Because Agra city wher taj mahal is located does’t has any international airport. So ther are only few International airports in india such as DELHI, MUMBAI, BANGALORE, CHENNAI, LUCKNOW Etc these are some of the most operational airports where all flights lands. So choose the airport according to your tour plan

By air :- 

Taj mahal is situated almost 200 km away from delhi and delhi is the most closest city to Taj mahal so by air reaching Taj mahal by can be a good option. Taj mahal is situated in Agra and can be reached out agra by air. But one major problem reaching agra by air is very few airlines operating beacuse of the security reason. so check twice before booking a flight to Agra. 

By Road :-  The another best option to reach agra from delhi is by car and road. There is a wonderful highway is constructed called Yamuna Express Highway which is coming down straight from delhi. It will take around 3 hours to reach Agra and Taj mahal from Delhi. There is a popular tour called same day taj mahal tour by car from delhi in which you can return back to delhi on same day. If you are willing to see taj mahal at sunrise time then you can take this option as well Taj mahal sunrise tour by car from delhi a road trip can be a good option.  

By Train :- Agra doesn’t has international Airport but the city has Railway which is very well connected and many trains runs on platform and reaches Delhi to Agra. The Government just to promote tourism in agra runs various Trains like Shatabdi Express, Gatiman express, Taj express. These are the best trains you can get for agra from Delhi. The trains runs on different timings which you can check on this given link  of Railway webiste Most of the travelers preferes and this tour Taj mahal tour by train from delhi in which they returns back on same day to delhi. So you can choose what you and by which train you want to go to agra to visit Taj mahal. The fastest train reaches to agra is GATIMAAN Express check this link if you want to book directly from indian governmnet railway website So if you want to book train then you should enter station code which you can get on this given link once you explore the website


How to Reach Taj mahal , Best ways to reach taj mahal, how to get to taj mahal, how to visit taj mahal,

How to reach Taj mahal and Agra from Mumbai

Mumbai is one the best metropolitan city in india and people calls it the city of dreams in india. So if you are in mumbai  and thinking how to reach agra from mumbai then read below

By air :-

If you are thinking to visit Agra and taj mahal from mumbai by flight then  you have to take the flight to delhi. because there is no flights are operational now directly to Agra. So you have to land delhi first and then you can decide how you want to reach agra, from delhi either you have to take train or car. both are cheap 

By Road :– Road trip always are breathtaking and you can feel the real india. Mumabai and Agra is situated at a quite distance and can be reach easily by raod but it will take time. The distance is around 1200 Km and it will take around 24 hours to reach. There are several busses are running on road which you can check on their online website portals or you can hire a taxi.

By Train :-  Tains are always a good option for all the travelers because it gives you comfort and feel. The train option can be very cheap for you if you are willing to visit taj mahal from mumbai you can book the tickets on the given link above for booking tickets of trains in india. It will take around 2 or 3 days to reach agra. There are lot of direct trains are available for Taj mahal and Agra from mumbai

How to reach Taj mahal  from Kolkata

Kolkata the city of Bengolies, once it was the capital city of india during the british period. The hawda bridge and the hoogly river are the eye catching attraction in kolkata. So if you are in kolkata and thinking to visit agra from kolkata then here read the details below

By air :-

Flight is the best option you can choose to reach agra which will save your time. but again the problem comes that you have to land in delhi first then you can reach to agra by train and car. So choose the flight according to your tour plan or by your need and suitability 

By Road :– Reaching agra by road can be a bit hectic for you because the distance is too much. if you have multiple stops during coming to agra from kolkata then its ok. But directly coming to agra can be very tiring for you. 

By Train :-  Indian train are the back bone of the indian transport system.  There are several trains to agra from kolkata. all you need is to pick the timings and you have to check the availbility.


How to reach Taj mahal  from Bangalore

The city of youngster and starups. A como politan city which is famous for IT industry. So its very often then you are in bangalore and willing to visit taj mahal. so here here you will find the best option to reach taj mahal from bangalore.

By air :-

Banglore is situated in Karnatka state in southern part of india and the distance to agra from banglore is too much so flight option can be a good option. you have to take the flight from bengalore airport and reach delhi and now there is a direct flight to agra from banglore that is INDIO airline which comes into operation in 28 march 2021. so you can book this flight as well. some of the famous flight tour are very famous such as One day Taj mahal Tour From Bangalore. 2 days agra and jaipur tour from banglore 3 days golden triangle tour from bangalore. so you can also for these option for travleling to agra from bangalore

By Road :-There are no direct bus for agra from bagalore. if you are coming from a private cab then again you have to take multiple stops which is very obvious. so traveling to agra from bangalore by road can be very adventures  

By Train :-  There are many trains running for agra from bangalore. so you can choose the options on irctc website which is the official website, the link you can get above for booking trains. The train journey can be of 2 or 3 days so choose according to your suitability. 


How to Reach Taj mahal , Best ways to reach taj mahal, how to get to taj mahal, how to visit taj mahal,

How to reach Taj mahal  from Jaipur

Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan and culutral capital for tourism industry of rajasthan. Delhi japur and agra are the three important cities which is generating so much of tourism wealth. jaipur is also 200 km away from Agra and taj mahal so there are similar type of option available to reach taj mahal from jaipur like delhi. 

By air :- Indian government wants to promote domestic tourism and they have launched Domestic connectivity by air scheme and launched several flights between Jaipur to Agra. Go Air , Indigo and Air india are some the best flights are available between Jaipur to agra by flight. The duration is around 2 hours and the price are different for different flights and time.

By Train :-  Boarding a train from Jaipur to agra is also a great option who are willing to travel in a safe manner. There are many Trains are running on Indian railway lines for agra. You can check various trains but the best train for Agra is Shtabdi Express which can reach agra in 3 hours only at Agra fort railway station. You can book the seats on Indian railway official website or through tour operators.

By Road :- Busses and cab service is also a nice option to reach agra. It will take around 5 hours to reach Agra and journey is quite comfortable. Jaipur agra highway is well connected and you can take both the option for reaching agra. The cab takes around 3000 rs to 8000 rs depending on the size and capacity of the coach and the busses takes around 1000 Rs per person.


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