Planning a trip in india without delhi is incomplete because delhi is the capital city of india and has various famous attraction and the city has become quite popular among all tourist. It is the heart of the country and all the famous and important Government offices are situated here. People comes out here for the work and for the standardization in the life and finds more opportunity therefore the city has great level of diversity. Delhi tour packages of delhi travel packages are now been sold in a large scale of of the famous tourist spots, culture, tradition the city has.

You will find famous tourist spots like, jantar mantar, Qutub minar, Red fort, Lotus temple, Akshardham and many more. These attractions attracts all the tourist from all over the world and has some uniqueness in itself. The hustling and bustling sound of the traffic can blow your mind and can give you different and unique experience. Delhihites lives delhi in their heart. city is standing still after so much invasions of other rulers like, mughals, afghans, Britishers and that’s the best part in delhi that every invaders have left their legacy in india which is now key point for the tourism industry.

The tour packages of delhi are now been sold in a large scale by the agents because of the potential and interest of the people in delhi. Packages like Delhi agra tour pacakges, delhi jaipur tour packages, north india tour packages are some of the best picks by the agents for all the travelers.

The taj mahal tourz has customized some essentials packages which are in great demand among all the travelers who comes from overseas. Taj mahal tour packages from delhi and Delhi amritsar packages etc which you can find on our portal. The company has made one thing common that is Taj mahal is the common attraction in all the packages you will find taj mahal and agra as common destination.

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City tour and sightseeing

A city tour can give you an amazing experience because each city has its own specialties and doing a tour can give you an understanding about the historical background, Culture, food, tradition etc. The taj mahal tourz has customized some excellent city tours where you will get to the famous points not only monuments but the authentic city culture. India is a vast country and has different variety in all aspects.

The company has kept all the major points in the itinerary which are interesting to see. Book now and the enjoy the city tours of india

Multi Day tours

Get thrilled in india on a journey of enjoyment and joy. Select some of the best customized multi day tours and experience the best of india with taj mahal tourz. A multi day tour of india can give you the real depiction of the entire country infect traveling one or 2 city in india can be mistake because there a lot of things are there in india to see such of these cities can only be covered by picking up some of these value for money packages Given below

Taj mahal day tour and trips

Taj mahal Day tour is one of the finest tours we have designed for all the tourist who are willing to see Taj mahal and they don't have much time because of the busy schedule of life, so the best way to see taj mahal is to go with Taj mahal day tour from delhi beacuse Delhi has the international airport and all the tours like day trip to taj mahal,the tours are designed from delhi only. If you are looking a tour from any other region of india then you have to land in delhi first and from the cab or train you can explore agra and visit taj mahal.
Taj mahal is one of the wonders of the world and many tourist comes every year and they say is wow because the experience they gets its totally different then other monuments. People says that it is a Monument of love because of the magnificent structure cast in white marble. Come and explore with us.

Tiger and Safari tours

Indian Tigers is a species which can be seen widely in india and now attracting tourist across the globe. The wild life tourism is now expanding its hand in whole world and due this some the species like tigers now has come for preserving the natural flora and fauna. The Tigers in india once were on a verge of extinction but because of the increasing love for animals has now awaken the eyes of the government to preserve the Indian tigers and they have made many Sanctuaries and parks where they all live in their natural environment.

The parks has been developed such as Ranthambore national park, sariska national park, Kanha National park in india which offers tourist to have closer glimpse of these wildlife habitat.

The taj mahal touz has customized some safari and tigers tours in which you can see the tigers as well the taj mahal both.

Train tours

Train in india are the backbones of indian trasport system. The railways are given by Britishers in india and expanded to all most all cities of india. Small cities and big cities can easily be reached through trains on a cheap and affordable prices. The  indian railways has now upgraded all the coaches and the entire railway system which can easily give competition to all the western countries.

The tourism is also now expanding in india and Rail and Train tourism has now been in great demand among the travelers. There are various tours available in the market which are done by trains only althought the Indian railway department has also running specials trains which are designed for travelers only like, palace on wheel, The deccan etc.

The Taj mahal tourz has customized some trains tours which can give you a feel of train as well as taj mahal. Taj mahal trains tours are now highly sold by the travel agents that is why the company has customized various Taj mahal tours by train in which a traveler can Enjoy the Journey of train as well as Taj mahal

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