Train in india are the backbones of indian trasport system. The railways are given by Britishers in india and expanded to all most all cities of india. Small cities and big cities can easily be reached through trains on a cheap and affordable prices. The  indian railways has now upgraded all the coaches and the entire railway system which can easily give competition to all the western countries.

The tourism is also now expanding in india and Rail and Train tourism has now been in great demand among the travelers. There are various tours available in the market which are done by trains only althought the Indian railway department has also running specials trains which are designed for travelers only like, palace on wheel, The deccan etc.

The Taj mahal tourz has customized some trains tours which can give you a feel of train as well as taj mahal. Taj mahal trains tours are now highly sold by the travel agents that is why the company has customized various Taj mahal tours by train in which a traveler can Enjoy the Journey of train as well as Taj mahal

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