A visit to taj mahal is incomplete without visiting it in sunrise time.  Taj mahal is the world famous monument but Sunrise visit makes it more beautiful. Why people visit taj mahal sunrise time is because it changes it color by the change of light. So when sunlight falls on Taj mahal it turns it color which you can grab in your mobile phones, and camera. The experience of taj mahl during sunrise visit is incredible. After the visit of Donal Trump it has become more popular among many people that is millions of tourist comes every year to visit taj mahal and all tourist visit taj mahal During sunrise time. So here we have written 10 best ways of visiting taj mahal at sunrise time.


10 best ways of visiting taj mahal at sunrise time.

1. Check Time of Sunrise 

If you are planning to visit taj mahal then it is very obvious that you have to reach Agra a day before in Agra or you can start your journey from delhi early morning at 3 o clock. So you must have to check the timings of sunrise first which you can check it on google.  The timings varies depending on weather. That is why it is important to check the timings first.

10 best ways of visiting taj mahal at sunrise time.

2. Depart from hotel 45 minutes Ago to Taj mahal

Once you know about the sunrise timing of the taj mahal then you must have to leave the hotel 45 minutes of 1 hour before to the taj mahal. If you have purchased a pacakge then its ok your driver will reach on time otherwise it will be difficult for you to get the Transport to the taj mahal. It will be too early so no transport will be available so better book the cab a day before. If you have selected a hotel near to Taj mahal then its ok you can walk to taj mahal.

10 best ways of visiting taj mahal at sunrise time.

3. One  km walk or Take battery Vehicle

Once you reach to the Taj mahal Gate either West Gate or East Gate, There will be a parking Area from there you can take the battery Vehicle which is free for Foreigner and 10 Rs per person. which will drive you to the main Taj mahal Gate in just 4 minutes. The another way to reach out is by walk there is a 1 km Pathway which leads straight to taj mahal gate which you can reach out by walking. So before going there think what you prefer. We prefer to take the battery vehicle or Golf Cart to reach as early as you can. Skip the Golf kart or vehicle only when they are too much busy. 

10 best ways of visiting taj mahal at sunrise time.

4. Tell you Tour Guide to Purchase Ticket For you

Once you reach there and if you are going with any tour guide then tell your guide to purchase the ticket and you must go and stand in the que to save the time. Tour guide will purchase the ticket for you and will hand over to you on the entry point so you don’t need to rush for the ticket. If you are going without tour guide then you can purchase the ticket in Advance through the asi website or you can purchase on it from the ticket window. You must carry cash if you are going to purchase the Ticket because sometimes card machines stops working. to purchase ticket online directly from asi website click on this link https://asi.payumoney.com/#/

10 best ways of visiting taj mahal at sunrise time.

5. Standing in the queues

There you may find long queues but the there are seperate queues for Foreigner and Indians. When you will be entering inside the taj mahal you will be entering through High Value Ticket section. The are separate queues for Gents and Ladies. So you don’t need to panic to loose your known once , you will meet them inside.

6. Enter with very less Items 

The best way to visit taj mahal at sunrise is to carry less things with you. Because you will find very tight security checks so it is better to go single hand. You can take Camera and Water bottles etc. But it is better not to carry any Bags or big Bags because they will scan it and there is only once scanning machine on each gate. It will take time so better leave things in car or in hotel to save time.

7. Rush to the Royal Gates

Once the security check is done you will find the gardens and the pathway to reach to the royal Gate. once you after security check you will reach first to the four court area then you will find Royal gate. So without wasting time Enter inside the taj mahal through Royal Gate. Enjoy the Optical illusion effect of taj mahal through this Gat

10 best ways of visiting taj mahal at sunrise time.

8. Run and Reach Diana Seat 

Once you enter then you may find lot of crowd taking photos of taj mahal from the center. You may have to wait to take photos so to get better view run or walk fast to reach to Diana seat. This is situated in the middle of the taj mahal at the pond. This is the famous spot in taj mahal to take the photos. Once you reach here you can settle down yourself there and take photos as much as you can. From here you can get the best view of taj mahl.

10 best ways of visiting taj mahal at sunrise time.

9. Reach Royal Guest house for best sunrise view of Taj mahal

The second most important point in Taj mahal to get the best view of Taj mahal sunrise effect is from Royal guest house which is situated at the right side of the Taj mahal. From this side you can see the sunrays are falling straight on the dome and the body of Taj mahal. You can enjoy the full sunrise color changing effect of taj mahal from here. Taj mahal appears so big from this side because of its enormous size and looks amazing,

10. Reach mosque After royal Guest House

If you are a photo lover and wants to click some epic pics of taj mahal at sunrise time then you should visit Mosque as well. From this side you can enter inside the mosque and you can take the photos with the arch as well. Behind the Taj you can also capture the sun rays and sun as well. 

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